Lesson 150 history

The Gulf War:

The Gulf war was when Iraq tried to take over Kuwait, starting on 2nd August 1990.  Iraq wanted the oil fields in Kuwait.  Kuwait’s oil fields where large, and going on for miles under the hot desert sand.  Iraq tried to take the small country of Kuwait over by persuading the larger and more powerful countries of the world.  But all of the country’s disagreed with Iraq, because Kuwait had been an independent country for about 20 years.

Then Iraq tried to take the country Kuwait by force.  At this time, and even before the war, Iraq was a communist country, and was getting aid by the USSR.  On this map you would see who help in the war with the allied force.  The lasted for 6 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days, ending on 28th February, 1991.

Afghanistan war:

Afghanistan war was when the USSR invaded Afghanistan.  Afghanistan is known as the empire killer/destroyer.  Every single time a country/Empire invaded Afghanistan, they were defeated.

The USSR invaded Afghanistan December 24th, 1979.  The war ended 9 years, 1 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day later.  This war was also known as the beginning of the end of the USSR.  Another thing about Afghanistan is that the US, how supplied aid actually invaded Afghanistan in 2003.


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