Lesson 136 english

Student’s textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers?

Textbooks are heavy and can easily get damaged by water.  Notebook computers are water resistant, so if you spill water by them, or on them, you can simply wipe the mess off, and shutdown the notebook computer and let it dry for a few hours and you can still use the computer.

Carrying multiple textbooks will tire you out, or were you down and make you tired.  One notebook computer weighs less than a textbook, but can carry more textbooks then you can carry.

Last but not least is this, picture yourself in a school room with no windows or skylights, and the power goes out, and now it is pitch black.  You see a light then from your friends notebook computer, and he or she is doing her school work like the lights did not go out.  And you are stuck with your textbook, and you can’t read a thing, and you just have to take the textbook home and do it as homework.


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