Lesson 145 english

Is it important for students to pursue college or other higher education after high school?  Yes it is important to pursue a college degree, so when you go and look for jobs, it would be much easier to find one.  A field that is now in big business is called engineering.  Another thing about college or university degrees, is that you can get payed more then others.

How many people actually finish public high school in 2005?  Well in 2005, only 68.8% of all public high school students finish or graduated high school.  That is a low number.  But how many students finish high school, who are homeschooled?  There are 2.2% of students nationwide that are homeschool, and 9% are in public school.  There is about 35.728 million students in the US alone, and about 7.018 million students are homeschooled and about 28.71 million students are in public school.  But only 72.2% of all homeschoolers graduate.  That is about 5.1 million gratuits for homeschoolers, and that is about 19.8 million students that are in public school.

What about the percentage of high school graduates that actually earn a degree?  “According to NCHEMS, 24.1% of high school graduates receive an associate degree three years later, while 52.1% of high school graduates receive a bachelor’s degree within six years. This means that a student in school in the United States has only a 37.6% chance of getting a bachelor’s degree within six years after high school graduation and a 17.4% chance of receiving an associate degree. Note that these numbers are not exclusive – many people receiving an associate degree actually go on to complete a bachelor’s degree. Also note that this number is actually a bit high – it assumes all students in homeschooling and private school situations actually complete their secondary education.”

<So is earning a degree necessary?

So is getting a degree necessary?  Some may say yes and others may say no.  In order to do what you like in life, you are going to need a degree from college to get the job you want more easily.


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