Lesson 141 english

Should the government be able to restrict content on the Internet?  Look at this question this way, if the government had full control of the internet, then that could change, put, or delete anything on the network or internet.  A good thing that may come from this is that the government can delete sites that are inappropriate and not of good use.

First you need to know what the internet is.  The internet is computers that are connected together by the wire with the weird head that looks like a telephone head connector.  You can think of the internet as a snowflake or scribbles.

Every single point on the snowflake represents a computer connected to the web.  If one computer has ten sites, and it disconnects, then you can not view the sites.  Whatever you post on the internet, everybody in the world that uses the internet, will be able to see it.  So post wisely.

The government should not have any control of the internet.  If they had full control of the internet, then they would probably make the users pay for using it.

All the problems on the internet come from the government, like inappropriate web sites.  But why should the government control the internet?  They shouldn’t and so far they don’t control the internet.  If there is a bug on a web site, then the person who owns the site, should delete it and make a fresh new site.

If the government were to control the web, then all of the big stores that sell their things online will be limited to only selling their things at the store, meaning they lose customers.

Another thing is that the people world wide control the internet, not one individual company, meaning people have the free choose to block sites, and to view what they want to view, like youtube videos.


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