Remembering the Real Martin Luther King

​Unfortunately, Dr. King’s legacy has been clouded by efforts to soften, sanitize, and commercialize it. Impulses to remove Dr. King from the complex and radical movement that elevated him must end…

Source: Remembering the Real Martin Luther King


One thought on “Remembering the Real Martin Luther King

  1. I have to admit, this was not what I was expecting. From this new light on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I must say I respect him a bit less. Now, I am not being racist, but I do not ever believe that rioting, looting, or vandalism is acceptable, under any circumstances. It is demeaning to blacks if they are given a double standard. No white group of people, however mistreated and even if in the exact same way, would be so justified by the citizens of this country for such behavior. Those who have been rioting in Ferguson are treated as having “no other option”, simply because they are black. To treat blacks like children, and not hold them accountable for what they do right and what they do wrong the same as any other person, is to treat them like children, not like adults and true human beings. I think that treating people differently based on the color of their skin is racist, no matter who is judging and how kindly. A crime is a crime, and a person is a person. I do not justify them for rioting, or any person for any unlawful behavior. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but that is the way I see it.

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