How to make hyperlinks.

To make a hyperlink on wordpress like you have probably seen on some of my essays, you need to go to make a new post.  Then you need to look for the HTML tab next to Visual tab.  You click on that and tip this code in blue:  <a href=”URL” target=”_blank”>WORDS</a>.  URl is where you put the URL from the website you want people to go to.  WORDS is what the website is about, that is the part you click on and it will take you to the web page/website.  This code is to open a new tab, and if you want one that does not open a new tab then here is the example in red:  <a href=”URL”>WORDS</a>.

Now for the same site, with both codes example:

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Click on them to go to my YouTube channel.

If you want to see the color, go to my site.

For example:

<a href=”https//” target=”_blank”>YouTube</a>

<a href=”https//”>YouTube</a>


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