Lesson 135 english

Is homeschooling beneficial for students?

When do kids start school?  I started school at the age of 5, kindergarten.  I skipped over preschool.  Kids don’t have to go to preschool at the age of 2, but can skip over that step and go to kindergarten.  Kindergarten starts for kids at the age of 5 and 6.  Grade 1 would be 6-7 and grade two would be 7-8 and so on.

But nowhere does it say “when do you homeschool your children?”  The earlier you start homeschooling the better.  I only started being homeschooled starting from grade 6.  Now I am in grade 8.  3 years of being homeschooled.

I have a friend, who was homeschooled for a year, and went back to school, and skipped a grade for doing so.  He is in grade 9 now.

Another thing about homeschooling is that if you get bullied at school and don’t like it, but like the city or town you are in, the just start homeschool.

Another advantage about homeschooling is that you can go at your own pacse through the year, and can either finish early or finish late.  If you skip summer and do school, you can finish school +2 years before a friend that is in public school.

Homeschooling is not beneficial for students, and here is why.  Most students get their higher scores working with other people, and are good at it, and some are not as good with helping people but by doing things themselves.

Another thing is that being homeschooled allows your parents to monitor you and help you when you need it the most.

So is homeschooling beneficial for students?  No, it is not.


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