Lesson 134 english

Should cities have to provide free public Wi-Fi?

Everyone uses Wi-Fi everyday, on their phones.  If the city offered free Wi-Fi, many people would like that, for calls over the internet, for email, for texting and for searching.  Wi-Fi is used all over the world in the 1st world countries, and many businesses use Wi-Fi in the office to connect to the internet.  Routers are not very expensive, if you look into the right places, like Best Buy.

Best Buy sells all kinds of routers, from a $30 router to a $1000 router, but the real expense is the internet.  When you walk into a shop that has free Wi-Fi, and you use it, the store owner has to pay for the internet you used and other people used.

The solution is no.  No city needs free Wi-Fi.


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