Chapter 9

Chapter: 9

Jarom meets Kade

Captain Jarom sailed for New York on the USS Captain.  Sailing for 16 days Captain Jarom arrived in the New York harbor.  Both Captain Kade and Captain Jarom were to meet at New York.  Both of the Captains were already good friends, and had been BFFs since 5 years old.

Captain Kade told Captain Jarom that he became Captain 6 months after him.

Captain Jarom said, “You have been in the navy longer then I have, but I became Captain before you”.

Kade replied, “Yes, you have only been in the navy for just over 2 years, and I have been in the navy for nearly 11 years”.

Captain Kade and Captain Jarom went to the war Generals office.

The war general said, “You two are going to leave New York tomorrow, and head for Germany with a fleet of 20.  Since Captain Jarom has served longer as a Captain then you Captain Kade, he is in command, and you Captain Kade are in second command”.

The War General went on, “Captain Jarom, you divide up the fleet”.

Captain Jarom gave 10 ships to Captain Kade to command.

The next day arrived, and the two friends and the fleet of ships left port.  Traveling on the calm seas towards Germany, Captain Jarom saw something on the radar.

Tray looked at the radar, and said, “Airplanes”.

Captain Jarom said, “Everyone prepare for a battle.  Get the guns ready, enemy planes are headed this way”.

Everyone, on all ships, rushed to their stations, and loaded all of the gatling guns.  After 2 minutes Captain Jarom and Tray saw another larger green dot on the radar.  Tray said, “It is a fleet of ships”.

Captain Kade ordered that the USS Hornet must launch all of its planes to meet the enemy planes ahead.

The USS Hornet launched all of the planes, and all of the planes went toward the enemy.  After 25 minutes of flying, they reached the enemy.  The enemy had 100 planes to the 50 plane American army.  The USS Hornet kept 50 planes on board, and launched them an hour later.

The fight was bad, and the Americans almost took down all of the enemy planes, but 25 enemy planes came towards the fleet of American ships.  The total fighting time between the planes was 1 hour.  The enemy, thinking the USS Hornet had no more planes on board, came after the fleet.

But that American planes were launched, and there was another air battle, and this time, the rest of the enemy planes were destroyed, and the American force moved towards the enemy fleet.

The German fleet of ships was 10 ships.  The Americans totaled 50, that includes the planes.  The Germans fired a missile at the USS Hornet, and the planes shot the missile, and 10 seconds they heard the loud explosion, 12,360 m away.  The planes flow to the German ships, and started the attack.  Captain Kade and Captain Jarom could see the fire and smoke from the battle, with the aid of a telescope.  The fighter planes bombarded the German ships with bombs and small torpedoes, and with the fire of the 50 cal machine gun.

The Germans fired at the American aircrafts, destroying them as they came.  By the time the rest of the American fleet arrived at to aid the American ships, their was just 15 planes left.

But with the aid of the destroyers, and battleships, the Germans had no power to fight and destroy the American fleet.  In just 5 hours after the American fleet arrived and fought the German fleet, the Americans won.

Captain Jarom radioed in to the war General and said, “We need backup, and more aircrafts.  We are only 1,750 miles at sea”.

Captain Jarom gave the General the Cordanints of the ships.  Captain Jarom ordered that all of the ship’s turn around and meet the airplanes coming.

After 2 days, Captain Jarom had the airplane’s on board the USS Hornet, and he headed back to Germany.

4 days later,the American fleet arrived in the North Sea, right by Germany.  Captain Jarom asked Tray to check the radar, and when Tray came back he said, “More German ships and planes coming this way”.

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