Chapter 8

Chapter: 8

Kade’s New Vesicle

The USS Kentucky was a nuclear powered sub.  The sub could stay underwater for 90 days, the only supplies that made the sub resurface was food.  That is right, the sub could stay underwater for 5 years, if the sub had the supplies to do so.  Nuclear powered vessels can stay out on sea for five years, before they have to come to land for more fuel and supplies.

Captain Kade went into the sub, and headed out of port.  Traveling at 25 knots, Captain Kade test fired the weapons at the island of Ka’ula.  At Ka’ula, Kade fired on of the missiles and hit the island.  The loud thundering noise was heard for miles.  Captain Kade ordered that all of the missiles to be fired.  The missile directors did what they were told to do.  The island was hit in the same spot every time.  All of the missiles hit the island at the same time.  The loud thunder of noise was heard through the water and for miles.  Near by ships heard the noise, and saw the fireball and smoke coming from the island.  Captain Kade sailed back to Pearl Harbor, with nothing but torpedoes.

On the way back, Captain Kade saw on the radar, an enemy ship.  Captain Kade ordered the ship to be shot, with the torpedo.  One torpedo was loaded and fired.  The torpedo was carefully guided to its target, and in 20 seconds time, the ship was hit.  Before the hit, the eyeglass thing was raised, and Captain Kade saw the hit.  Water was thrown high into the air, the ship, having a hole in the hall, foundered in minutes.  Kade went to the wreck and helped the survivors.  Captain Kade took all of the survivors to Pearl Harbor, and had them take the USS Hornet to San Pedro.

The USS Kentucky had MK-48 torpedoes, and 24× Trident II D-5 ballistic missiles.  The sub was 170 m long, 13 m beam, and 12 m draft.  It had 1× S8G PWR nuclear reactor, 2× geared turbines, 1× 325 auxiliary motor, and 1× shaft  60,000 shp.  Captain Kade loaded 24 more missiles onto the sub.  He set sail for New York, and was to sail into port in 16 days.

Kade started to sail, and was just off the coast of Hawaii, when one of the men rushed to Captain Kade and said, “Captain, there is a leak”.

Captain Kade replied, “How big is the hole”?

The man replied, “10 cm in diameter”.

Captain Kade said, “Board up the hole, we are going to turn around and go back to port at Pearl Harbor”.

The man did as he was told, and with a few of his crew members, patched up the hole.  Captain Kade turned the sub around, and headed for Pearl Harbor.

At Pearl Harbor, the construction workers fixed up the hole properly, and Captain Kade ordered that they are now going to go full steam or speed.  They were now a day behind schedule, and had to catch up, and the only way to get to New York in time was to go full steam/speed.  After traveling 3 days at full steam, Captain Kade noticed a German ship out ahead.  Captain Kade made a plan, the plan was that they should go down 800m and go under the ship, and fire a missile.

The men went down 800 m and then fired a missile.  The German ship was obliterated, and sunk in seconds.  Captain Kade left all the survivors out on the ocean, and went on to New York.

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