Chapter 7

Chapter: 7

Captain Kade’s Ship Sinks

On the way to Germany, sailing through the Panama canal.  Captain Kade saw a German ship in front of him, going through the canal to.  The German ship was 500 yds in front of the USS Moosbrugger, traveling, 40 km/hr.  Captain Kade, as soon as he was all the way up the canal doors, went after the German ship.  Instead of firing at the ship, Captain Kade waited, to get out of the large canal, and into the ocean, and then, he would fire.  Ten hours past, from start to finish.  In another 2 hours on the ocean, chasing the German ship, Captain Kade heard a explosion go off.  Captain Kade looked on land and then the ocean, and found that the noise came from the German ship, that just hit a mine.  Captain Kade rushed to their aid, and captured 25 German men.

Captain Kade, then set sail for San Pedro, near Los Angeles, and Long Beach.  Captain Kade delivered the prisoners there, and left for Germany, again.  Captain Kade set sail, for Germany, and arrived at the Panama Canal on July 24, 1942.  On July 30, 1942, Captain Kade arrived in New York City, to get supplies for the trip to Germany.  On August 8th, 1942, Captain Kade arrived in the sea next to Germany.  North Sea.

Captain Kade waited for 3 days before he saw German ships, out in the distance.  Captain Kade ordered that a torpedo must be launched to sink the vessel.  Frank, was under, loading the heavy torpedo, when a loud, thundering noise was heard above deck.  The Germans had fired a missile, and obliterated the deck.  Captain Kade had called for backup, and it was there.  The American fleet fired a missile and destroyed part of the German ships deck.  When the torpedo was ready, and launched, it was estimated that it would take 10 seconds for the torpedo to hit the ship.

Frank put the torpedo at full throttle, and in those 10 stressful seconds of waiting, the torpedo hit the German ship, blasting a huge hole in the side of the ship, which made the ship sink slowly.  The other American ships continued to fire the missiles until the ship was way under.  The German ship did manage to fire a few torpedoes before the ship sunk, and also radioed for help.

Captain Kade, sailed to the ship wreckage, and pickup 10 servivers.  Captain Kade sailed back to San Pedro to keep the prisoners.  After 6 days of traveling, German ships were seen on the horizon near Sable Island.  At 5 pm, the ships meet, and had a face off.  Captain Kade had called for backup, five hours before.  US ships were seen on the horizon.  The German ship fired a torpedo, and made a large hole in the hull.  The water rushed in, while the men were trying to board up the hole.  The men started up the water pumps.  USS Moosbrugger Still fought with the German ship, for 3 hours before the ship sank.  The other US fleet came and sunk the German ship, and picked up the American and German survivors.  The American survivors was 30, and the German survivors was 27.

The American fleet traveled for San Pedro.  For 20 days, Captain Kade stayed on the ship, sailing for San Pedro.  Fill, and Frank were among the survivors of the battle, and stayed together at San Pedro for ten days, before going to the airport, and going to Pearl Harbor for the Submarine.

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