Chapter 6

Chapter:  6

Fighting our way Home

Back at Pearl Harbor, the fleet of ships that aided the USS Iowa and the USS Florida, went into port, and the two ships sailed for New York city, for the dry docks.  After 10 days of traveling, they ran into another fleet of enemy ships.  In the distance, Captain Jarom saw a fleet of American ships, casing the Japanese ships.  Captain Jarom order the torpedoes to load the torpedo launchers.

Tray, at the bottom of the ship, helped load up the launchers.  The torpedoes were heavy, and were not armed.  That was a good thing, for if they dropped one and it was armed, the torpedo would explode into a fireball, and destroy the hull of the ship.  The torpedo was placed in carefully, and armed.  They waited and waited, and then through the intercom, they heard fire, from the Captain, after they confirmed that it was a fleet of Japanese ships.

Tary and Bob, were controlling the torpedo, and after a minute after the launch of the torpedo, there was a solid hit, and then a loud clack of a thundering noise from the blast.  The Japanese, ship went up and then did a nose dive down into the ocean, sinking the ship in minutes.  The wave created from the ship, bobbed the other Japanese ships that were close by.  The men on board cheered, and then there was another loud bang, and they saw that a Japanese ship was hit again and rolled over on one side, hitting the Japanese ship beside it.

The Japanese fired their largest guns with explosive shot.  They fired, hitting the USS Florida, and destroying the deck of the ship, in on large fireball.  The Japanese slowed down and fired at the American ships behind them.  The fleet of American ships, fired missiles and the 16in 50 cal Mark 7 guns, at the Japanese, ships.  The USS Iowa and the USS Florida, continued to fire the torpedoes.  Ship after ship, the Japanese and the American fleet got smaller and smaller.  But with the aid of the two American ships that were already, damaged, the Americans won the battle.

After sinking all of the Japanese ships, and getting all of the survivors, The American fleet headed for New York city.

Sailing through the river was a difficult task.  Cargo ships left port every day to go, and trade with other countries.  The river was not that busy, but with two damaged ships being towed by two tug boats, just to get to the dry docks.  After two hours of being tugged up the river to the dry docks, Jarom went to look at the new ship, which was classified, and was a secret.

This ship was the same length as a standard battleship, but, had two gatling gun cannons that could fire 2 shots per second.  The guns were smaller than a 16in 50 cal Mark 7 gun, but were more powerful.  The ship was powered but steam, and could go 70 km/h, faster than any battleship on the ocean.  The hull was made out of aluminum, and the ship was called the USS Captain.

 Captain Jarom, took the ship for a test run, and also for a test fire.  He went to Santa Barbara Island, at the bottom of California, out west.  This island is a Marin island.  After several days traveling and shooting the island, Captain Jarom went to Pearl Harbor, to dock the ship, and get it ready for the next fight, with Germany.

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