Chapter 5

Chapter: 5

Tray the Hero

Tray was walking on the poop deck, when he saw something in the distance that was, glittering.  Tray went to the command station, and grabbed some binoculars.  He looked out the window and saw a fleet of Japanese ships.  Tray told the Captain.  Captain Jarom said, “The radar is down and that one of the crew members had already spotted the fleet, and that they had already called for backup”.

Captain Jarom said, “Get to your station Tray, and prepare for a battle”.

Tray replied, “Yes sir”.

Tray ran down to the torpedo control room all the way down to the bottom of the ship.  Captain Jarom, on June 1st, 1942 was commanded to go to the Marshall Islands, which is west from the Hawaiian islands.  It was now June 30th 1942.

By the course of the ships, they came from the north, starting from Japan, and traveled south.  The US picked the island for building a special weapon, known as the burning laser.  The burning laser was not finished, and at 11 am, the Japanese ships, came up and fired at the weapon, destroying it with explosive shots.  Captain Jarom ordered every ship in his fleet, to target the closest ship, and to sink every ship, one by one.

All the US ships followed the order, and fired on the first two Japanese ships in the front of the Japanese fleet.  These two ships, in return, before they sunk, fired at the USS Iowa, destroying a 16in 50 cal Mark 7 gun in a fireball.  The USS Iowa was on fire, burning all of the wood.  A firefighting team came out in a rush to put out the fire, before it reached another 16in 50 cal Mark 7 gun.  The USS Iowa, fired a torpedo, Tray controlling it carefully, aimed it at the nearest ship, in the middle.  The hit instantly made a huge hole in the ship.  The Japanese, fired a torpedo, and sunk the USS Maryland.  Men from the USS Maryland, came swimming to the USS Iowa and the USS Florida.  Captain Jarom gave the order to flee, but not to stop the fight.

Both Captains ordered the crew to ready the missiles, and to target the closest ships.  Missile after missile was fired, the roar of them taking off, and the thundering hit and the sudden burst of flames, disabled the Japanese ships, one by one.  The Japanese fired missiles, and hit the USS Florida.  The loud thundering hit, and the bright flash of light, was seen and heard in an instant, on both ships.  USS Iowa fired another missile, which a Japanese sniper shot before it fully went out and away from the ship.  The damage that the missile created, was not as bad as the USS Florida, but it disabled the USS Iowa’s weapons.

The USS Florida, was hit by an explosive, projectile, which was not a missile, and disabled the ship’s weapons.  The Japanese had won the battle.  The Japanese persuade the American ship’s, for 5 days.  The Japanese continued to fire at the two ship’s.  On the fourth day, there were, five American ships on the horizon, coming to aid the two ships.  One of the ships coming to aid the USS Iowa and the USS Florida, was a aircraft carrier, called the USS Hornet.  The USS Hornet launched 10 fighter planes to attack and destroy the fleet of Japanese ships.

After a long battle between the planes and the ships, the Japanese fled.  The USS Iowa and the USS Florida, were escorted back to Pearl Harbor.

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