Chapter 4

Chapter: 4

The Cook at War

At Pearl Harbor, Kade went to the airport.  The war General, called on him, and said, “You have someone by the name of Fill coming with you to your first battle, with Germany.  He will be at the airport on May 30th, 1942.  By the way, he is a cook”.

When Fill arrived, Kade introduced himself.

Fill is 4.5 ft tall, and is only 25 years old.  Fill’s father died in WWI and his brother died at the attack of Pearl Harbor.  Fill is a Canadian and an American citizen.

Kade got orders from the War Office to start traveling to Germany.  He was ordered to go through the Panama canal, which is South from America and North from Colombia.  The Panama is in the country of Panama and is in the middle of the country.

The journey to the canal took Kade ten days.  After 11 days on the Pacific ocean and in the canal, the ship finally arrived in the Caribbean Sea.  Before crossing the Atlantic ocean, the ship had to stop at New York for more supplies and fuel.  This trip to New York took 5 days.  From New York Kade headed east to Germany.  The journey across the Atlantic ocean took Kade and his crew 8 days.

Kade’s first battle happened on June 24, 1942, off the coast of Germany.  Three German ships were seen on the horizon.  It was only 5pm, the men were eating supper.  The men finished their supper and returned to their battle stations.  The ship number was even, with 3 on 3.  Kade had 2 battleships, and 1 destroyer which he was on.  The Germans, had 2 destroyers and one cruiser.  The Germans fired a missile, Kade in return fired the gatling gun.  The missile blow up in the air, making a bright flash of light, and a loud noise.

Kade went on the radio, and called for backup.  The backup, would only arrive in a day’s time.  The two other ships with Kade were called the USS North Carolina, and the USS New Mexico.  USS North Carolina was in control by Kayden, and the USS New Mexico was controlled by Bill.  Bill fired at the German ships hitting the one closest to him.  Damaging the ship badly, reloaded and fired again, destroying the ship, and sinking it.  The second German ship fired at Bill’s ship, damaging the ship.  Kade in return fired all of his guns full of ammo, hitting the German ship, and sank it.  The last German ship, poured out 9 explosive shoots on Kade’s ship, making Kade’s ship sink.  Kayden opened fire on the last German ship, blowing a chunk off of the bow of the ship.  Kade and the survivors were picked up by Bill’s ship, and taken to the backup ships.  Kade was then put on a jet with a pilot, and flown to Pearl Harbor.

Back at Pearl Harbor, Kade realized that it was Fill who gave the orders to fire, at one ship.  Kade thanked Fill and Fill got the medal of honor.

Kade got his new ship, the USS Moosbrugger, and set sail for Germany again.

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