Chapter 3

Chapter: 3

Kade the New Captain

Kade, a citizen of two countries, is now in Pearl Harbor.  Kade was asked to be the Captain of two ships and one submarine.  Ten days earlier, Kade was called to go to the War General, to become a Captain.  Kade was 29 years old, and was now living in Logan Utah, which is up north from Salt Lake.  Kade’s father, and grandfather, and great grandfather, all served in some wars starting from the war of 1812, now to the WWII.  Kade did serve for 10 years in the navy.  He had seen many of the leaders killed.

Kade went to Pearl Harbor on May 9th 1942.  Kades first ship was called the USS Moody.  The USS Moody was a destroyer, not a Battleship.  Kade embarked on May 10, 1942, he was sailing to Nihoa, just northwest-west of Ka’ula.  The journey would take them 2 days, and they were to practice, and to keep an eye on the ships passing by.

Kade, before he became Captain, was Chief Petty Officer.

Kade made it to the island in time.

After some days there at the island, Kade went back to O’ahu, Pearl Harbor.

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