Chapter 2

Chapter: 2

Getting a New ship

About 1 mile from Japan, Captain Jarom ordered the fleet of ships to wait until nightfall.  It was 10 am, and they had just finished having breakfast, and were going to exercise.  At 12 pm, they had lunch.  After lunch at 1 pm, Captain Jarom and the rest of the fleet looked over the plan to destroy the Japaneses main harbor.

Captain Jarom and the fleet were only a mile from Japan, so the Japanese radar could pick up the ships.  At 5 pm the Japanese saw the ships moving towards Japan, getting closer and closer.  Japan ordered a fleet of 10 ships to meet the ten ships coming into destroy the main port.  Japan didn’t know the plan, but guessed that they were going to inflict harm.

At 8 pm, the two sides met.  The Japanese fired first, at the USS Maine.  In return, all of the American ships fired back, targeting one ship at a time.  The battle was not part of the plan, but they agreed, that if something like this were to happen, they would destroy one ship at a time.  The Japanese ship sunk in an instant.  Japanese fired again, and hit the USS New Jersey on one of the 16in 50 cal Mark 7 gun.  This disabled the gun.  The Americans again sunk another ship, splitting the ship in half, like the Titanic.

The Japanese fled, towards Japan’s main harbor, the fleet just followed.  That was a mistake.  The Japanese had one mine ship with them, placing mines as they went.  The USS Maryland struck one, and sank.  Captain Jarom and the fleet moved west about 1 mile and then continued the pursuit.  They stayed about 1 mile from the mines and continued the pursuit pass Sumoto, a Japanese city.  The Japanese, according to the US radar, were 12 miles ahead of them.  The Japanese ships were headed to Hiroshima, a city in Japan that build Naval ships.

At 10 pm the US fleet reached Hiroshima, and on the radar the 8 Japanese battleships went up the river towards Asakita.  The US fleet opened fire on the cities port, destroying everything.  Then on the radar, there appeared missiles coming the way of the US fleet.  Captain Jarom ordered every ship to put on their gatling guns, to shoot the missiles as they came near.  A sudden roar of guns going off was heard, and the explosions of the missiles were seen.

The fleet continued to fire at the harbor, and at 5 am, they sailed off to O’ahu and fix up the ships, to refuel, and to reload the guns with more ammo.  The fleet traveled straight for O’ahu.  On May 8th 1942, the fleet arrived at O’ahu.

“Captain”, said an unknown person.

“Yes”, replied Captain Jarom.

“I am the new soldier, who will be traveling on your ship”, replied the stranger.

“And what would be your name, sir?”, said Captain Jarom.

“My name, sir is Tray Nathan Brown.” said the stranger.

“Nice to meet you, Tray, um, I will appoint you to be one of the torpedo operators on the ship, any questions?” said Captain Jarom.

“No, and thanks Captain.” replied Tray.

“Okay, we leave port and go to Japan again in 20 days time.  That will leave you 20 days to practice.”  said Captain Jarom.

“If you need me at all Tray, then just call me, okay.” said Captain Jarom, and gave Tray his number.

The two gentlemen went and did their own things.  Captain Jarom went back to his room on the USS Iowa, and watched a movie.  The time was 5 pm.  The next morning Captain Jarom went to the beach, swam a mile and came back to the ship.  Tray, was making himself comfortable in his room with his room mates.  At 6 pm they all had supper and played cards.  The next day Captain Jarom went to the store, and got for himself, some chocolate, and chips.  When he was away, the crew fueled the ship, and load all of the ammo.

The next day they set sail, headed to Ka’ula, a small island just southwest of Niihau.  The crew were doing target practicing for 12 days.  It was also to patrol the area for Japanese and German ships.  The first day patrolling, the Captain said, “open fire at the targets on the island.”  They did it and all the targets were destroyed.

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