Chapter 15

Chapter: 15

The Trip Around the World that destroyed the USS Captain

One year later.

For the annual ship trip around the world, Captain Jarom got all of his friends together.  Captain Kade was the co-captain of the ship, and if anything happens to Captain Jarom, the ship goes to Captain Kade.  Tray got 1-3 of Captain Jarom’s wealth and Owen got 1-3 of the wealth two.  Off the friends went, 20 people in all, and 60 days to travel.  On the first day of their travels, Tray spotted a whale.  Tray told everyone on board, to come and look at the whale.  20 people came, looked out at the whale, took pictures of the whale, for memory sake.

The next day Captain Jarom arrived at the large island of Hawaii.  The person with the best picture took it to the press and got it published, and sent over mainland America.  For the next 4 days of traveling, the whales followed the ship.  Seven days after the whales, Captain Jarom sailed into the Panama canal.  10 hours in the canal, and the ship was out.  Captain Jarom sailing close to the coast of south America, for ten days, sailed to Africa.  Sailing around Africa, they saw dolphins up ahead.

Captain Jarom said on the radio, “Those dolphins are smaller than an average sized human.”

From Africa to Madagascar, Captain Jarom said, “A long time ago, dodo birds lived on Madagascar.”

On their way back to Pearl Harbor, Captain Jarom hit a depth charge, making a hole in the hull of the ship, sinking to the bottom of the sea.  Everyone died.

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