Chapter 14

Chapter: 14

Around the world in the USS Captain

Captain Jarom and Captain Kade and Tray, were walking downtown in Salt Lake City, looking for a cook that would cook for them on the ship.  They found a guy by the name Owen.  Owen was a good cook, and was hired before Captain Jarom’s second trip around the world.  Owen was 6 ft tall, and weighed 178 lbs.  His age was 25 years, and single.  He was out on the streets when Captain Jarom walked by, talking about cooking, to his friends.

Captain Jarom asked him, “Do you need work, sir?”

The man said, “Yes.”

Captain Jarom asked, “Can you cook for 20 people?”

The man said, “Yes.”

Captain Jarom asked, “What is your name, sir?”

The man said, “Owen, sir.”

Captain Jarom said, “Well, Owen you are hired to cook for 20 people on the USS Captain.  Is that alright with you?  We will be going around the world.”

Owen said, “Yes, it is fine.  Okay when do we leave, Captain?”

Captain Jarom said, “In two days.”

Owen was happy, skipping home and packing his clothes into a bag for the trip.  The two days passed, and Captain Jarom went to his ship with Owen.

On board the USS Captain, Captain Jarom started the engine of the ship.  It was 12 pm, the boilers were on for 4 hours, heating the water to steam, to drive the turbines, to move the ship forward.  The ship moved at a speed of 10 knots, until the ship was out of harbor, then Captain Jarom boosted the speed up to 35 knots.

5 hours later, Owen had made food for the 20 people on board.  This was day one for the trip around the world.  Captain Jarom’s first stop would be at the end of South America.  15 days later, the USS Captain arrived at the horn of South America.  Their Next destination was South Africa.  That took Captain Jarom 8 days.  From South Africa to Madagascar, it took 4 days.  From Madagascar to Australia, it took 11 days.  From Australia to New Zealand, it took 4 days.  From New Zealand to Hawaii, it took 10 days.  At the Hawaii islands, Captain Jarom slowly sailed around the islands for 8 days, and then came back into Pearl Harbor.  60 days in all was the travel time.

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