Chapter 13

The Treaty

Just 11 days later, Japan, and Germany surrendered, the treaty was signed, and the Allies won the war.  When the treaty was signed to end the war, all of the US fleets came back to Pearl Harbor, and other harbors in America.  The US celebrated the end of the war.  Captain Jarom and Captain Kade, became wealthy men.  Captain Jarom bought the USS Captain with some of his wealth.  The ship that he was on, most of the war, was now his.  Captain Jarom decided to go around the world on the ship.  He asked Captain Kade if he could come with, and Tray to.

When the day of departure came, Fill died from a heart attack.  The friends scraped the trip, and went to Fills funeral.  Fill was a good friend to Captain Kade and Captain Jarom, and Tray.  Fill was 47 when he died.

Captain Jarom wanted to go around the world still, and made another departure date.  The trip was cancelled again, because of the Atlantic hurricane.  The hurricane lasted about 4 months and 7 days starting from June 20th and went to October 13th 1945.

After the hurricane Captain Kade and Captain Jarom, with Tray, left port, and went around the world, heading east and coming back to the US from the west.  The trip took them 50 days to complete.  They visited Bermuda, South Africa, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, and went back to Hawaii.

Captain Jarom, wherever he went in America, people respected him, and also Captain Kade.

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