Chapter 12

Chapter: 12

The End is Near

Traveling over the Panama canal, Captain Kade saw a green dot on the radar, in the ocean.  It was just one green dot, no more.  Captain Kade told Captain Jarom, and showed the green dot to him.  Captain Jarom radioed in to the control center.

Captain Jarom said, “Do you have any US ships, planes near the Panama canal?”

Person in the control center replied, “No, it might be a enemy ship.”

Captain Jarom said, “Okay, thanks, and can we fire at the object?”

Person in the control center replied, “No, first check it out.”

Captain Jarom and Captain Kade went to the object on the radar, and saw a German ship there.  The German ship saw the two American vessels coming for it, fled.  Captain Kade fired a torpedo at the ship, hitting the ship from behind, damaging the rudder.  The ship could only go around in a circle.  Captain Kade fired another torpedo, followed by a missile from both of the American vessels.  The German ship, was hit, and went up in flames, and sunk, in 56 minutes.  Captain Jarom took the survivors to New York, putting them on a prisoner ship, headed for San Pedro.

Captain Jarom was a nice, kind captain.  He treated everyone with respect, and that even includes the prisoners.  After taking the prisoners to New York, and getting the American fleet and going to Germany, they arrived there in time.

At Germany, Captain Kade sailed north, and Captain Jarom sailed south along the coast of Germany.  Captain Kade spotted a German ship, coming his way.  Captain Kade radioed in to Captain Jarom, that he has found a German ship, of the coast.  Captain Jarom then replied that he had found two German ships, headed his way.

Off to battle.  Captain Jarom ordered that all of the planes need to be launched, half of them go to Captain Kade and the rest will help here.  The pilots did their job, and sank a German ship.  The Germans fired their gatling guns at the planes, destroying them.  Plane after plane was shot down, until there was no more to fight.  Captain Jarom with his fleet of ships, attacked the German ship, bombarding the ship, until it blow-up to smithereens, and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Captain Kade was fighting the other German ship.  This ship was torpedoed, missiles, and bombarded, but would not sink.  Captain Jarom came into the fight, and after hours and hours of fighting the German ship, the rudder was hit by a torpedo, disabling the turning, and with that, Captain Kade and Captain Jarom won the battle.  The ship that was said to be unsinkable, sank in hours.

Captain Kade and Captain Jarom, sailed back to Pearl Harbor, staying there for the rest of the war, which both of them knew, that it was going to end soon.

The date was August 20th 1945.

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