Chapter 11

Chapter: 11

Fighting Together

The German fleet was 10 knots away, and each side was going 20 knots per hour.  20 knots is 23.0156 mph.  After 15 minutes, both the German and the American fleets meet.  The Germans had 5 Japanese ships, and 10 German ships, the Americans had 20 ships in all.  The American ships fired first, and the USS Hornet launched 100 planes.  10 of the planes were bombers, and ten other planes carried torpedoes.

The bomber planes went for the Japanese ships, two to one was the ratio.  The planes with the torpedoes went each one to a Japanese ship.  The planes were fighting the Japanese ships, and the Germans were fighting the American fleet of ships.  Captain Kade launched a torpedo and hit one of the German ships, not sinking the ship.  Captain Kade then went behind the German fleet and launched torpedoes, and sunk a German ship.  The Germans, seeing the USS Kentucky, fired at it, damaging the hull.

Captain Kade went under water, and launched a missile destroying the German ship, and raining water on the other ships.  The German ship tipped over, knocking a Japanese ship beside it.  The Fighter planes continued to bombard the Japanese ships, sinking 2 of them, and damaging the rest.  The Germans sunk 3 of the US ships, and seeing that they were going to lose the battle, just fled.  The fighter planes continued to attack the fleet of ships, until Captain Jarom gave the order to land the planes.  In all the US lost 3 ships, and 30 planes, the Germans lost 4 ships, and the Japanese lost 2 ships.  The US lost 50 men, and the Germans and Japanese lost 348 men.

Captain Jarom ordered the fleet to go back to New York, to repair the ships.  Captain Jarom’s ship had minor damage done to it.  Captain Jarom repaired his ship, and set sail for Pearl Harbor, with Captain Kade.

After traveling for 16 days, Captain Jarom and Captain Kade arrived at Pearl Harbor.  Pearl Harbor had change since they were their last.  The reconstruction made the harbor look nice.  They also found that 3 ships had sunk, the USS Utah, the USS Oklahoma, and the USS Arizona.   Even though the damage to the harbor was great, it took shape again, just like magic.  There were battleships in the harbor, and ships coming and going every day there.

Captain Kade and Captain Jarom docked on the East side of the harbor.  There was a meeting there, and that is why Captain Kade and Jarom went.  The meeting lasted 3 hours.

Captain Kade booked two rooms, one for Captain Jarom and the other for him.

The night went by, and then came the day.  Captain Kade and Jarom left harbor that evening, headed for New York, to pick up the rest of the fleet and head out to Germany again.

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