Chapter 10

Chapter: 10

Second Battle Together

Captain Jarom ordered that ten ships go back, that includes the USS Hornet and USS Kentucky, and circle the planes and come from behind.  Captain Kade took his fleet and did what Captain Jarom said.

Captain Kade went behind the German force in 1 hour, and launched all of the US planes from the USS Hornet.  The battle above the battleships that Captain Kade left, was huge, but when the US planes came in, the Germans turned their fire upon the American planes.  When the two forces collided in the air, there was a huge battle between Americans and Germans, that is when Captain Kade and Captain Jarom saw another green dot, this time bigger then the planes, coming their way.

Fill on the USS Kentucky was busy cooking lunch when a order came through the speakers, saying, “German fleet of ships, launch 4 missiles at the German fleet”.

Everyone, on all ships went to their possessions to get ready for the battle.  1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, the German fleet was there firing at the Americans, and damaging the ships, in fireballs.  The USS Kentucky fired a torpedo, and struck, and sunk a German ship.  Captain Jarom ordered that all of the Gatling guns to be turned on, and the US Planes to go to the German fleet.

The Gatling guns, shredded all of the German planes, destroying them all.  Plane after plane after plane, exploded into a fireball, with the rest of the plane crashing into the water, or occasionally into the German or US fleet ship.  The German air force was destroyed, and the German ships were getting destroyed.  Captain Jarom, ordered that the US fleet to go around the German fleet, and circle the Germans.  With this technic Captain Jarom, ordered every shot from the US ships, to be fired in the middle.

The Germans, were destroyed, and the US fleet had to go back to America, New York harbor, to get fixed up.

Traveling back was a challenge, because the German ship was behind the American fleet, pursuing them.  Captain Jarom ordered Captain Kade to go 800 m below the sea surface and go behind the German fleet and take them out with torpedoes and missiles.

Captain Kade did this, and the German fleet got smaller, and smaller, until Captain Kade run out of torpedoes and missiles.  By this time there was just 5 German ships, fleeing for their lives.  Captain Kade came up to the USS Captain, and reloaded up with torpedoes, and missiles.

After the long journey to New York, the ships were fixed and ready to go in 10 days.

Captain Kade and Captain Jarom, set off with the fleet of ships back to Germany, when about half way to Germany, a fleet of German ships were headed their way.

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