Chapter 1

Chapter: 1

Jarom’s First Battle

Jarom walked into the president’s office early that morning.  It was December 7, 1941.  The president told Jarom what had just happened.  He even told Jarom who did it and what they now had in store for them.  Japan had just bombed Pearl Harbor.  The new weapon they had was known as the nuke.  He didn’t tell him all about the nuke, except that it could destroy an entire city.

After the meeting with the president, Jarom went to the war General’s office.  He was put at a higher rank than he was before.  Jarom was a bush pilot, and now he was the Captain of three ships known as the USS Adams, the USS Iowa and the USS Captain.

Jarom said, “But I have only been a bush pilot for 1 year 11 months and 5 days, how can I be at that rank for nearly 2 years of service?”

The war General in reply said, “We see a great leader in you Jarom, you have saved the lives of many pilots, and have even lead them into battle and have found the enemy’s base in WWI.  So you are going to be a great Captain, and many will look up to you.”

Jarom said, “Okay, when do I leave with my crew?”

The War General said, “You set sail on March 8, 1942.”

Jarom replied, “But that is in 3 months and 1 day’s time.  Shouldn’t I leave sooner, as of January?”

The War General replied, “No, you will have to wait for the men to fix your ship.”

Captain Jarom flew on the next plane to Hawaii, to the Island O’ahu.  He left on March 5, 1942.  He looked at the ship he was going to use.  It was made out of wood covered in 1 in thick steel, and was powered by a steam engine that would not propel the ship fast at all.  “This ship would not hold up in battle”, thought Captain Jarom. He spent the next three day’s on the island in getting things for the trip.  He thought to himself: I am going to be out at sea for the rest of the war.  Who knows what could happen?

Finally the day for departure arrived, and Jarom set sail for Japan at 12pm on the USS Adams.  He and his crew sailed out of the Harbor with two other ships which were not under his command.  They were both headed in the direction of Japan.  Captain Jarom could see that they were battleships and were to embark with him to Japan.

Japan was 3,815 miles away. Captain Jarom and the two other ships only met Japanese ships 1,725 miles from Pearl Harbor.  Captain Jarom and the other two ships had been traveling for 10 days and now they were at their first battle.  The Japanese seeing three ships to five, came towards our fleet, but Jarom and the other two ships didn’t flee.  At 5 pm Jarom started to fire.  Japanese seeing this returned the fire and hit the USS Adams, damaging the ship really badly.  The other two ships had armor that was a foot thick.  They fired and destroyed one of the Japanese ships.  Another shot was fired at the USS Adams which nearly sunk the ship.  The USS Adams was on fire.  The inner of the hull was built out of wood, and the armor was steel.  The ship just burned on and that is when the Japanese fired again.  The ship exploded.  They had just hit the gun powder.  The ship just sank.  Jarom was just able to get off and onto a row boat.

The other two ships at this point had sunk 3 of the Japanese ships.  The remaining two fled at full speed.  He had won the first battle out at sea.  Captain Jarom went back to Pearl Harbor to get his next ship to go on with the war.  Getting back took 20 days, because the ships were both damaged.  When they arrived back at O’ahu, the captains went their separate ways and never saw each other again.

Captain Jarom’s new ship was called USS Iowa.  The class was a Battleship.  This battleship had 9 16in 50 cal Mark 7 guns.  Jarom obtained a call from the war General.  He said, “You did great on your first battle, and now I want you to set sail tomorrow for Japan.  There is a fleet of ships going to Japan’s main port.  Go there and destroy the port with a fleet of ships under your command.”

Captain Jarom got everything he needed, and left Pearl Harbor on April 8, 1942 with a fleet of 10 ships.  The plan was to sail to Russia, and then work their way down to Japan.  On their way to Russia, they traveled into a storm that killed 10 of the men. Captain Jarom and the fleet of ships made it to Japan in 20 days.

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