Lesson 119 english

Does true loyalty require unconditional support?

“Many people believe that loyalty–whether to an individual, an organization, or a nation–means unconditional and unquestioning support no matter what. To these people, the withdrawal of support is by definition a betrayal of loyalty. But doesn’t true loyalty sometimes require us to be critical of those we are loyal to? If we see that they are doing something that we believe is wrong, doesn’t true loyalty require us to speak up, even if we must be critical?”

Loyalty for example is not going against your country, or your people.  So when a soldier is in a battle and does not fight, he is not loyal, unless he or she is wounded.  On the other hand, if the soldier is in the battle, and fights to the death for his or her country, then that soldier is loyal.

Does true loyalty require unconditional support?  No.


5 thoughts on “Lesson 119 english

  1. I agree. There are varying levels of loyalty, all of which still qualify as loyalty. Also, loyalty is often more to specific leaders or causes, not to a specific organization, or vice versa. Thus, those loyal to one thing may be in fact loyal to different elements of that thing, and not that thing as a whole. Loyalty to the idea of a thing is also separate from the specific actions of the same.

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