The Great Depression

Before the Great Depression:

Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872, the only president to be born on independence day.  Calvin Coolidge was born into a wealthy family, and at the age of 12, his mother died.  Nobody knows what she died from.  Just 6 years later, another tragedy happened, Calvin Coolidge younger sister died, and again from an unknown thing.  Calvin Coolidge’s father remarried.  Calvin Coolidge wanted to learn law, and instead of going to school to learn law, he went to an already established law firm and learnt law on the go.

In the year of 1905, Calvin Coolidge got married to Grace Anna Goodhue in October 1905.

Calvin Coolidge was vice president of the USA, from March 4, 1921 – August 2, 1923.  He than was president from August 2, 1923 – March 4, 1929.  The 29th president of the US died of a heart attack.

Calvin Coolidge was one of the best presidents of the USA.  He died on January 5, 1933 at the age of 60.

The raoring 20’s was a time where everyone had more money and they changed the way they dressed and woman were allowed to drink alcohol, and smoked.

Animation was made.

75% of all americans in the 1920’s went to the movie theater once a week.

Cars were everywhere, the Model T was the most popular car.  The price dropped down to $260 per car.

Another thing was that people wanted to drink alcohol, but the US didn’t sell it.  So that is what lead to the underground tavers to make the nasty stuff.

The roaring twenties also had many expeditions to the North and South poles.  The first person to reach the North and South pole was Captain Roald Amundsen.  He was at the South pole in December 1911.  He found the North passage to the pacific ocean.

Another challenge that people had, was to fly faster, higher, and further.  A man named Charles Lindbergh, flew over the Atlantic ocean, non-stop, and was awarded the medal of Honor, and given $25,000. His plane was called The Spirit of Louis.

A woman called Amelia Earhart , the first woman to cross the Atlantic ocean, solo.

The Great Depression:

The Great Depression was a time in the US went the stock market all of a sudden, stopped.  The banks closed, and the people lived in poverty, some were even homeless, and others starved to death.  That is what most people think the Great depression was, death everywhere.

There were lots of Gangs around Chicago, numbering up to over 1,500.  Some of the gangs where violent, and most were not.  One of the famous gang leaders was Al Capone.  Al Capone was not all that bad, well his gang did rob banks, but he bought food for the civilians to eat.  He even paid the Mayre and the local police to not arrest him or his gang.  But that all changed when his gang was in a shootout with another gang, and the local police arrested him, and he was sentenced to prison for 11 years, for not paying his tax bills.  They had no proof if he was apart of the robberies, or the shoot outs, but he was released early from prison, and died shortly after.

Another famous gang was The Barker Gang.  They, with their 25 member family gang, pulled off robberies, murders, and kidnaps.  The debts papers in the bank where burned, so some of the people liked the gang.  The gang was finally over in 1935.

After the Great Depression:


WWII, was the most costly war in history, to this day.  Costing up to $1,000,000,000,000 and 55-60 million lives.  In today’s money that would be about $11,000,000,000,000.

The Germans made tanks, and transporters more powerful, and that they could travel faster to overwhelm their enemies.  The Germans also made weapons in short periods of time, and they were one of the first countries to make a hand held machine gun.  They called it back then “The Machine Pistol”.  The rifle rounds used previously were large long rounds, lethal, but the Germans solved the problem by making the round shorter, but still lethal.  The Holocaust was one of the largest mass murderings in history.  Over 6,000,000 Jews, and non-Aryans were murdered.


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