Wars of the Worlds

I just woke up from being knocked out by a man in the street.  Blood was coming out of my head, and there was a small pool of blood on the ground where I lay.  When I woke up, my friend was kneeling over me.

He said, “You have been out for 3 hours”.

I said to him, “What had happened to the man that knocked me out?”

He said in reply, “I went and knocked him out and took all of his stuff on him.”

When I was feeling a little bit better, me and my friend(he doesn’t know his own name, and his nickname is Baby Face Man) went to the little base we had made on the hill in between Edgware and Watford.  Baby Face Man lived in Barnet, and when the 7th cylinder fell into the city, he took his family to the hill.  The land was his grandfather’s, and he hid a place there, full of tools and canned food.

When he was out hunting in the woods for food, his family was killed by drunk men.  When he came back to the hid out, the men knocked him out and took every thing on him, including his clothes.  When he had come to his senses again, he did not know what his name was, and where he was.  He did go to a secret passage and got some new clothes on and bared his dead family.

In the secret passage were a new set of everything.  He took the axe and went to the forest to hunt for food again.  He came back and saw me, and that is how we meet.

Together we built a watch town to see if the Martians were coming.  We even built a tunnel to the water drains of Barnet, Edgware, and Warford.  With these three tunnels, we could get food in the cities and escape from the Martians if we needed to.

That night we played cards together and he had 2 bottles of whisky.  He passed out, and I went into a doze.  When I heard something in the trees, and when I went to look at what it was, I saw a Martian.  It was coming to the base.  I rushed inside the base and started to pull my friend to safety, when it grabbed his leg and started to pull him to the exit.  I let go of his arms and ran towards Watford.

On the way there, I fainted and was in the drains for 10 hours before I woke up.

My friend was dead, and I was all the way in Watford, hiding from the Martians.  I spent 3 days in the drains, when I decided to walk all the way back to the base.  I got there, and found some food, and eat it, I went outside and found a skeleton on the ground.  I went back inside and grabbed a shovel and some thick rubber gloves, and I dug a grave for the bones, near his family.  I went inside the base, and got some gun powder, and blow the base to smithereens.  I walked to London, and never looked back at the base again.


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