How did WWI begin?

WWI started out with the Anglo-Prussian wars in 1756.  The wars were to tell the people of Germany, who was the leader of the country.  Anglo was the largest and most powerful state in Germany, Prussia was the second.  The war lasted for ten weeks, Prussia won the war, and all of the smaller states joined Prussia, making Prussia the main power in Germany.

Germany having been through a battle, allied itself with Russia, and Austria-Hungary, the two neighboring countries.  With the Allies, Germany started to make steam ships, and a large army.  Prussia started its industrial revolution and became the second largest industrial country, behind Great Britain.  Prussia made the double Treaty that was between Prussia and Austria-Hungary.  Italy joined in the Treaty making the Triple Treaty.  Russia, and France, seeing that Prussia was growing to fast, allied themselves.  Then Great Britain Allied with Russia and France.

WWI didn’t start with the 6 large countries, but started with the smaller countries.  Serbia, a small country, allied with Russia, assassinated the Archduke, Franz Ferdinand.  They hoped that when they assassinated the Archduke hair, that Austria-Hungary would give back Boznean, but it just started a large war.  Austria-Hungary then declared war on the small country of Serbia pulling in Russia and the other major countries.

This war lasted 4 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks.

The countries on the side of the Allies were:



Great Britain









United States of America



The countries on the side of the Axis were:

Germany / Prussia


Ottoman Empire


Losses for the Allies:

5,525,000 Military dead

12,831,500 Military wounded

4,121,000 Military missing

22,477,500 total.

Losses for Axis:

4,386,000 Military dead

8,388,000 Military wounded

3,629,000 Military missing

16,403,000 total.

Strength of the Allies:

42,959,850 Military.

Strength of Axis:

25,248,321 Military.


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