Henry Ford: History lesson 90

Henry Ford, was a farm boy born in July 30, 1863.  Henry Ford liked to tinker with things. His father bought Henry a watch. Henry took the watch apart and reassembled it.  All his friends and neighbors gave him the nickname of watch repairer.  He then fixed watches in the neighborhood.  In 1882, Henry was hired by Westinghouse to service the steam engine.  In 1896 Henry Ford made the very first Ford car called Ford Quadricycle.  After the test drive, he brainstormed on how he could make the car more efficient.  In 1909 the first Model T car was made and sold at the price of $825. In today’s money, that is $21,700 (as of 2016).

The total amount of cars sold was 14,689,525.  In 1925 the car dropped down to $260, which in today’s money is $3,510 (as of 2016).  The car was sold around America for affordable prices, and allowing almost every American to have a car.  The cars were mainly sold to middle class people.  Ford was able to build up factories that made cars in 6 different countries.  The Company Ford also took over 46% of the car market.

Edsel Ford (Henry’s son), took over the company in 1919 but died of stomach cancer in 1943 at the age of 49.  Edsel wanted to make a car that was better than the model T, so in 1927 he made the Model A.  The Model A was a nicer looking car that cost more than the Model T.  The Ford company will always be in control of the Ford family until the death of Henry Ford II, never to be sold.

When Edsel died, his father took over the business until Henry Ford II was of age.  Henry II was only in office from 1945-1979.  He retired and handed over the company to Philip Caldwell.  Philip was a successful businessman and started to make the Ford Taurus which was a popular car.  He was born in Jan 27, 1920 and died on July 10, 2013.  Donald Peterson is now president of the Ford company.  Peterson has been employed for 40 years in the Ford Motor Company.

Thanks to Henry Ford for starting the production of cars on a large scale, and to the many people who work for hours to make the cars, and also for the affordable price on which the cars are sold.  Henry Ford has changed America starting with the Model T and continuing on to the Ford Flex.  The Ford company was founded in 1899 and is still running today.  That is 117 years that Ford company has been around.

Henry Ford also made planes before WWI and stopped making them during the great depression.  During WWI Henry Ford started to make airplanes for the army and cars for that purpose to, same with all of the other car companies.  During WWII Henry Ford started to make planes again.  These planes he made were B-24.  The beginning of construction was in 1941, and the first plane was finished in 1942.  Alone this building built 9,000 B-24 planes and that was only half of what was built.


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