Summery of the chapters (One Sentence): lesson 98

Chapter 1, Jarom gets his first ship at Pearl Harbor.

Chapter 2, Jarom goes back to Pearl Harbor to get his second ship and travels to Japan.

Chapter 3, Kade becomes the new Captain in the book.(Only for his own fleet of ships).

Chapter 4, Fill is introduced, and is the cook for the USS Moody.  This ship sinks.

Chapter 5, Jarom meets Tray after their first battle on the USS Iowa.

Chapter 6, Jarom and his crew fight their way home to get the ship repaired.

Chapter 7, Kade gets his new ship, and goes back to war, his new ship is USS Moosbrugger.

Chapter 8, Kade is in a battle and his ship sinks from a mine.

Chapter 9, Jarom can not wait for his ship to be repaired, so he gets into the USS Captain.

Chapter 10, Jarom goes to help Kade fight the war at Germany.

Chapter 11, Kade gets his submarine and goes with Jarom to fight the war at Germany.

Chapter 12, Our first battle together, and the us won.

Chapter 13, Jarom and Kade continue fighting, but both know that the war is almost to an end.

Chapter 14, Germany and Japan surrender.

Chapter 15, Jarom and Kade, with Tray travel around the world in the USS Captain which Jarom bought.


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