Story summery

My short story will be on a guy named Jarom.  He gets into his first battle in the beginning of the book.  This is in the first chapter.  He is at war with Japan and his friend is at war with Germany.  Kade will be mentioned later in the book.  Jarom goes off to sea in the USS Adams, but his first ship sinks in three hits.

Jarom writes down what the second ship looks like, and what weapons it has.

In the third chapter, Kade is introduced.

Kade has his first battle in the fourth chapter.  In the fourth chapter, Fill the cook is introduced.

In the Fifth chapter, Tray is introduced.  Jarom goes to his second battle.

Jarom, goes back to New York for his third ship in chapter 6.

Kade goes to his second battle in chapter 7, and to his third battle in chapter 8.

Jarom goes to Germany to fight the war there for the rest of the battles in chapter 9.  Jarom and Kade meet face to face and fight a fleet of ships from Japan and Germany.

In chapter 10, Jarom and Kade come back to the US to fix up their ships.  They leave in 5 days after that.  They go back and finish the war in chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14.  In chapter 15, Jarom buys the USS Captain and sails around the world with Kade, and Tray.



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