Is a perfect society possible or even desirable?

Is a perfect society possible or even desirable?

“Many people argue that it is impossible to create a perfect society because humanity itself is imperfect and any attempt to create such a society leads to the loss of individual freedom and identity. Therefore, they say, it is foolish to even dream about a perfect society. Others, however, disagree and believe not only that such a society is possible but also that humanity should strive to create it.”

No, I think you can not create a perfect society.  Here are the reasons why:  No human is perfect, no one will be perfect in this life, and this is just a learning part in our life and for the life to come.  Your parents may think you are perfect, but in reality, no one is.

So no one can make a perfect society, even if they are billionaires.  Not even the president can do it.  Social networks are not good, okay.  Kidnappers can use social networks to kidnap people and hold them for ransom.  I watched a video on social networks, and how kidnappers can kidnap kids who were, as young as 10 years old.  The guy just wanted to make a video on social networks.  He asked their parents if he could do this and they said “yes”.

All the children he did it to, came to the door or park or car.  One person got into his car.

Well, is a perfect society possible or even desirable?  My answer is no, there is no perfect society out in the world.


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