Can people have too much enthusiasm?

Can people have too much enthusiasm?

“When people are very enthusiastic always willing and eager to meet new challenges or give undivided support to ideas or projects they are likely to be rewarded. They often work harder and enjoy their work more than do those who are more restrained. But there are limits to how enthusiastic people should be. People should always question and doubt, since too much enthusiasm can prevent people from considering better ideas, goals, or courses of action.”

Yes some people can have too much enthusiasm.  When I get excited about something, I don’t think it over or through.  I like go karts, so this summer me and my brother are going to build two.  One for me and one for him.  We got excited and did not look at a place that sold a engine.  So, we are going to go to a store that will sell one.  Well back on track, we also did not look for the material for the go kart.

Yes people can get to much enthusiasm then others and that can lead to some problems that are in the paragraph above.

So can people have too much enthusiasm?  Yes people can, because when we do, we may not do things properly.

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