Semester Report

This semester report will be on the lessons and essays I have done and what I have learned this year.  First will be reviews on essays this year and the lessons this year.  After that, it will be on the books that I have read so far and the books I’m going to read.

Lesson 70 was on writing my first research paper of the year.  This paper is on the Life Cycle of Butterflies.  It is a 657 word essay, go and check it out:

My second research paper was on 19th century inventions, that was on lesson 75.  It is a 2062 word essay with two pictures, before and after, and a video, here is the link:

What I have learned this year is to write faster and to write better essays.  We would all agree that my essays are getting better every day, but they are probably not as good as yours.

There are three steps to write a good essay:  Good writing is easy to read and understand; follows conventional grammar standards; and is creative or entertaining to read.

A mind map is a piece of paper where you write your ideas onto then write the outline and then the essay.  A mind map has to have a subject, which is in the middle of the paper, then from the subject, you start to make arms that go to the main points.  From the main points you make arms to go to your sub points, and from that you make another arm that goes to your sub-sub points.  So you should have something like this:

Outlines are rough drafts.  You have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.  You have sub points on the outline.  So you should have something like this:

The books I’ve read from this 8th grade English class so far are called: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; A Tale of Two Cities; Out on the pampas; The Scarlet Pimpernel; With Clive in India; and Pride and Prejudice.  I still have two more books to read for this year and they are called: Tale of The Western Plains; and The War of The World’s.

I didn’t like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that much.  I don’t encourage you to read, but if you want to, then go ahead.

A Tale of Two Cities is about the french revolution.  If you don’t like books with gore in it, then don’t read this book.  The French revolution was a time in history, when the french nobles were getting all of the wealth, and the lower classes were getting nothing.  The people heard that the nobles were going to kill all of the lower classes, which made the people, kill almost all of the nobles.  Making the nobles to flee for their lives.  The king was decapitated by the guillotine.  Same with the queen.

Out on The Pampas, starts out with a family that wants to move to an acreage in the new world.  The new world at this time is the Americas.  The boys first had to learn how to build buildings and shoot rifles.  The girls had to learn how to cook.  Well, they moved, and started their farm there and became very successful.  But they were attacked by native Americans about five times.  If you what to know more, then read the book.

The Scarlet Pimpernel  was a book on the french revolution.  But, this one was trying to free the nobles before they were killed.  The English gentleman, with his gang of 20 or less, would go to France and get entire families out of the country at their own risk.  Every time was a success.  The guards of the gates in and out of the country, were told, if the Englishman gets passed you, then you will be killed by the guillotine.  Want to learn more, then read the book.

With Clive in India was when a boy goes to the army that is taking over India.  There are lots of battles and also an attack on their camp, which nearly killed him.  Want to learn more, then read the book.

Pride and Prejudice is about a Family that wants their daughters to marry men that had just move into the country.  3 miles was the distance from their house the Mr.Bingley’s house.  Jan is the daughter who her family wants to marry Mr.Bingley but does she?  Mr.Collins is there cousin who wanted to marry Elizabeth.  But do they get married?  Mr.Darcy gets married to who?  Just read the book to find out all of these answers or watch the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice. After reading the book, Ledia was fullish by marrying Mr.Wickham.

This semester report will end by reviewing the things I have talked about. The lessons and essays I’ve learned from this year.  After that, it will be on the books this year that I have read so far and the books I’m going to read.  I have even added in some links to essays on my wordpress, and I hope you would go and read them to.  I have even put some summaries of the books this year that I have read, and I also hope you read all the books for yourself, and watch the 6 hour move on Pride and Prejudice.

Please like and comment down below, and I will see you next time. Bye.


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