Summary on Science(space)

In science this week we learned who built the telescope, and next week I will learn about the Hubble space telescope.  I, myself prefer chemistry to astronomy, the reason why is simple, I like explosives, and how they work.  I like poison and how that works and where it comes from.  Maybe you like astronomy to chemistry?  Astronomy is not fun for me, and it is boring to me.  It is nice to learn how telescopes work, but other then that, it is boring.

I also like to build, that is probably why I don’t like astronomy that much.  Engineering is more fun than astronomy and is better, because there is over 100 jobs with engineering.  Chemistry is for scientist and is fun, you get to learn how rocket fuel is made there chemistry.

Please like and comment down below, and also put your interests.  See you next time. Bye Bye.


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