Lesson:61 English

Is most of what people buy totally unnecessary?

Black Friday, is a good example for this question.  Black Friday, everyone likes it, right?  Well it is a dangerous time of the year.  everyone goes to walmart to buy things they already have.  Like a new flat screen tv, or a toaster, or even a loaf of bread.  They only do it for sport.  My parents went to the store on black friday just for a toaster.  When they got to the toaster iale there was no toasters there.

“In this day and age, you must understand the overwhelming importance of owning unnecessary material. In the way we live now, you are not what you produce. You are what you buy. And outside of that which is found in a few aisles in the grocery and hardware stores, most of what you consume is totally unnecessary.”

Things that are not needed in life are the most bought.  If you have gone to a store on black friday, you know that in the stores are more chaos then at the airport.  If you have it and don’t have to buy a new one, then don’t get a new one.  You can save you money for other things that you don’t have, which will help you in life.

So, is most of what people buy totally unnecessary?

My answer is YES.

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Credits from: www.ronpaulcurriculum.com

grade 8 english.


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