LESSON:50 English

Today’s essay is going to be on G.A.Henty.

G.A.Henty was born on 8th December, 1832 Trumpington, Cambridgeshire, England.  Henty was a sickly child growing up, staying in bed almost every day.  He then started to read books, and took a liking to them.  His first book was called A Search for a Secret.

He married Elizabeth in 1859, the couple had 4 children together before Elizabeth died from a long illness in 1865.  After her death, Henry started to write articles for the Standard newspaper.

Henry loved his children, so every night after dinner, he would tell them a story, of a battle, or a place such as the Americas.  Henty then wrote the book, Out on the Pampas in 1871, furthering his children’s names.

His first book he wrote was A Search for a Secret in 1867.  His last book was not finished, it was called By Conduct and Courage.  He died on 16th November, 1902 on his yacht in Weymouth Harbour, Dorset England at the age of 69.  He was buried in Brompton Cemetery, london.

All the books I have read that were written by Henty were The Dragon & The Raven, Out on the Pampas, With Clive in India, The Lion of the North, and Wulf the Saxon.

Summary of Wulf the saxon: 

Wulf was a Saxon and Beorn was a Norman. Wulf meet Beorn when he was captured by the Normans. Wulf and Beorn are best friends same with Osgod. Beorn was wounded in a battle when the were attacked by Normans but they won and Beorn arm was amputated. They were really mad at the ambush that the Normans got scared and serenaded. Harold went to prince Willem and asked if they can get a ship to go back to England, but William made Harold take a oath that Harold was to be a servant to William for ever. Harold swore the oath and regretted it but he got a ship to go to England.

When they got to England Edward the king died and Harold became king. Willem sent a messenger to tell him the oath he took and Harold sent the messenger to tell William that he is king and that he can do anything he wants.

At this Willem got mad and the king up in the north was coming to fight Harold. The battle was long but Harold won. Weeks after Willem starts to envied and try to kill Harold. Harold was killed by an arrow that went in his eye, the his head was chopped off and a spear in his chest and one of his legs were cut off.

The essay above was written in grade 7.  It is not very good but you can get the picture on what happens in the book.

The Dragon & The Raven is when a war is on, and the Normans are killing the Saxons.  They killed all of the religious leaders on the olters and they destroyed towns and cities and villages.

G.A.Henty wrote 122 books, most of them are for kids.  The books I recommend you to read from G.A.Henty are The Dragon & The Raven, and Wulf the Saxon.

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