Lesson:81 English

Here is a question I would like to ask you, Is it more courageous to show vulnerability than it is to show strength?  You will read the answer that I believe to be true in the next paragraph.

I think that you are more brave if you show your fears and you weakness to people, it is hard and can also be embarrassing.  If you tell a friend, they can help you make that a strong point so that you can help others with the same problem in the future.

We are often told to “put on a brave face” or to be strong.  Well in other words would you like to be friends with a wimp, I wouldn’t.  But would you rather be friends with a strong person who is not afraid of anything, I would want to be a friend with a strong person.  This does not mean that they have to be physically strong, but mentally and emotionally strong.  This is someone who can help and be a leader to you and a group.

Wimps often try to become friends with the strong people just so they have a friend that can protect them from bullies.  If you are the strong one out of your friends, then they probably look up to you.  Strong people are harder to intimidate than weak people are.  In fact, strong people are the “intimidators” and weak are the intimidated.

When weak people want to be friends with you, then be friends to them, they will learn from you and become stronger and better people in the group.  To show how brave we are, “we often have to hide, or at least minimize, whatever fears, flaws, and vulnerabilities we possess”.  This means we hid all our fears and we tell no one.

“However, such an emphasis on strength is misguided. What truly takes courage is to show our imperfections, not to show our strengths, because it is only when we are able to show vulnerability or the capacity to be hurt that we are genuinely able to connect with other people”.  We are often afraid we will get hurt from people, just because we are not good at one thing like they are.

I may not be the best writer, but I’m not afraid to say it.

So is it more courageous to show vulnerability than it is to show strength?  The answer is yes, well for me it is.


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