Lesson:40 English

Here is a question:  Should we complain to get what we want?  You should not complain to get what you want but you should complain to get what you need.

Take this for example, a squeaky wheel, will continue to squeak because it needs oil or in other words grease.  Here is another example, a child that throws tantrums because he did not get what he wanted, such as an Ipod touch.  I would say to them, save up your own money and buy your own.

My mother knew someone who got everything he wanted, if he lost his Ipod touch his parents would buy him a new one because he complained.  Here is another example: just think of being a adult and just hearing children complain by saying they want a Ipod, and you said to them that they could get their own Ipod if they saved up their own money, but they keep on bugging you.  What would you do?  Just think of it.

Have you heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Simply put, this means that people who make their needs or desires known by making noise that is, by complaining are the ones who get what they need or want. But nobody likes a squeaky wheel, the complainer may get what he or she wants”.

So should you complain?  Well I think it should be a no, unless you need it realy bad, like clothes.  So think about it, and the next time you complain, think about the 3rd and 4th sentence and also think of someone who complains all the time in your ears.


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