Today I’m going to ask you a question on role models.

Can people who are not famous be better role models than people who are famous?

Well I think, yes they can.  Famous role models may or are rich in money, and have nice houses.  Non famous people like a brother parent or sister, can also be great role models.  My brother who is on a mission somewhere in the world is a programmer who looks up to my dad.

I like planes, so it would be hard for you to guess who my role model is?  The Wright brothers, they are the ones who invented the plane which started from a glider and turned in to a 12 horse powered plane that could fly for 2 hours and 30 min.

How did they make a airplane?  They never gave up, so I never give up, I love flying, I have flown a small plane in Canada, and I want to be a pilot.  Back in Canada there was this pilot that I knew who had a small plane.  We went to help put on a new layer of paint.  His friend came and said he is going to fly his plane and he asked if one of me and my brothers would come with him.  All of me and my brothers got to fly the plane for 10 mins each.

Another person who I look up to is Bill Gates.  My brother also looks up to him.  Bill Gates loved programming.  His first programme was Tic Tac Toe.  My first programme was to make a LED blink.  My second programme was to make a traffic light.  And my third one was to make sirens.

Most or if not all famous role models get themselves into things.  If you have read the book Pride and Prejudice then you know how and who mister Wickham is.  Mr.Wickham slepped around, gambled, got into debt, did drugs, and was inappropriate.  This is just like famous role models today.


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