15 12-15

Gold costs $1320 per once. This pretty expensive.

Gold in the gold rush of California was estimated to be 12 million once which is over $16 billion. The gold rush started at a saw mill on the American river going through North California. The gold was spotted and examined. It was said to be gold, the founder of the gold flaks told his boss. His boss told him not to tell anyone. But the word got out and soon 380,000 would flocked to the west and go for the gold.

The gold was taken and at its peak was worth about $81 million annually.

It dropped tons to $46 million annually.

To get gold from rivers you need a pan and a spot on the river. Look for gravel and sand together. Grab a hand full of it and put it into your pan and wet it. After that you put some more water into your pan and swirly it around. I will put a link to a video. Then you shake it side to side. Then you move it forward and back wards in the water to get some of the dirt out. Then you repeat the process.


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