Life cycle of Butterflies

Today you will learn about butterflies and there life cycle.  First what is a life cycle?  A life cycle is the life of something starting from a egg or baby and going till there death.  You are in a life cycle right now until you die.

The life of a butterfly starts when the adult (parents) lay eggs on the food that the larva eats.  Plants is where they lay the eggs but where?  If you are looking for a butterfly egg you have to know what spicey you are looking for.  Different species mean different places where the eggs are going to be.  If you are look for butterfly eggs on plants, look under the leafs.  The eggs are small and will take some time looking for them.  You might see more then one again this depends on the species and not all eggs will hatch.

When the eggs hatch the caterpillars eat there egg shells for the first meal.  Larva looks like a worm.  When the larva starts eating the plant it starts to grow.  When the caterpillar is done growing it turns itself into a cocoon.

In the cocoon the caterpillar is slowly turning into a butterfly.  This takes about 1bay to 1 year depending on the family.

After 4 weeks of every thing the caterpillar is now a butterfly.  There are 20,000 different families of butterflies and 160,000 different families of moths.





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