America during the 19th Century

America has an area of 3.806 million mi2, with a population of 3.18 million people.  But in the 1800’s America was only the east coast of the country.  It later was settled on the west coast and then settled inward.  How did all of this happen?  Steam trains.  It took a family 6 months to 1 year to travel to the west/east but when the steam train came in business it only took 1 week to 4 weeks to get from coast to coast.

Before trains where invented, steam boats were in business and making the best traveling source by transporting goods up and down the river.  It was cheap and effective.  But there was one problem, if the goods had to be transported from east to west, land was in the way, so they had to go down river and go up the other river to get to the town.  To get around this they made canals going from river to river.  The boats soon started transporting people to places.

Before you knew it, both England and America had steam boats.  Could they now make a train that was powered by steam?  They did start with the rocket.  The rocket was not the first train, but it was a fast one.  If you look at a picture of the Rocket you would say that is not a train, but it is, and was made in 1829. Its top speed was 28 mph which is 45 km/h.  The first train ever built was called Puffing Devil made by Richard Trevithick, and completed on 21 February 1804.

More faster trains were made and could go up to 50+ mph.

When the American Civil war began, trains were very important to transport troops from all over the country to the battlefield.  This made it easier and faster to get troops in and out.  But if the enemy was in control of the rail road they would win the war since they would use the opponent’s rail way and trains to win the war.

The railway line was all over the U.S.A making goods and food, fuel, and more, faster and easier to transport goods and inhabit the rest of the country.  Without trains we would probably still would have not populated the U.S.A.  But thanks to trains and steam power we moved on to electric and combustion engines to power the mode of transport.

Most of the people in the world probably don’t have a car because they are in a third world country.  But those who have cars should be happy that they don’t have to walk from point A to point B.


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