ThanksGiving is around the corner and to test your knowledge about thanksgiving here is a few questions and if you now them just type out the answers to them all with the number of the question.

  1. What Christmas song was written for thanksgiving?
  2. Black Friday is the most busiest day of the year because not only massive amounts of turkey is eaten but this makes it the busiest day for?
  3. Male turkeys get so fat that they can’t ___________ Naturally.
  4. ___________ was invented when a company did not know what to do with 260 tons of left over turkey.
  5. George H.W. Bush was the first President to institute an annual turkey____________.
  6. Native Americans originally used ___________ to treat_____ wounds.
  7. Only male turkeys______, and therefore are called________.

Write down in the comments what you think it is.

And give this a star and leave a comment.


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