With Clive in India

With Clive in India

15 11-20

In my 8th grade English class I read the book “With Clive in India” and it was a pretty good book though it wasn’t one of my favorites. The book is about an young man named Charlie and his best friend Tim who were invited to go on a journey with Captain Clive. In the first few chapters I was introduced to the story line therefore I didn’t get into the juicy action that everybody likes. The book was never slow to develop though. The main characters in the book are Charlie, Tim, and Clive. In my second body paragraph, I will describe the three main characters and in the third paragraph I will describe the setting and the parts of the story I liked and dislike.

My personal favorite character in the book was Charlie. Charlie is an intelligent young man who is very kind-hearted, brave, strong fellow. His best friend Tim is very brave and strong, loyal, kind-hearted and he is pretty smart. Captain Clive on the other hand, is a pretty wild man although he is brave, wise and strong. Whenever Charlie and Tim joined Captain Clive in the beginning of the book they were just average men but as they were with him for an extended amount of time they grew stronger and turned into warriors.

The story takes place in India and because of that, the story expresses parts about king cobras, tigers and elephants. This book therefore has a very Indian feel to it. The author made this book seem like a real-life situation and he also made it very war-like and it was completely action packed. I found this story enjoyable except I was very upset whenever one of the men had to kill a tiger. I also didn’t like how the book was more focused on war because at times the story was boring. I was afraid Tim was gonna die whenever the King Cobra laid on his leg and I was glad they were able to kill it. This part was my favorite part out of the whole story.

In conclusion, I found this story very enjoyable except for the repetitive war parts. I felt like this story was very action packed “Out on the Pampas” tops this book. I wish the book had more incidents like the snake part because parts like that just make the story more enjoyable and interesting. I would recommend this story to anyone who is interested in reading about action-packed war events. I rate this book 4/5 because even though it was good and interesting, I got bored whenever the story mainly revolved around war.


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