War Of 1812

WAR 1812

15 11-19

The war started because of the Brits. The British started to take Americans on board there ships to go to war. This was illegal and was practically kidnapping.

The Stats only declared war on June 1812. The first battle was a success to the Americans because they just went up to a fort and told the British in the fort to surrender. The British where out numbered 5-1.

The Brits went to the next fort and surrendered. The Americans took over the fort and stayed they. On April 27, 1813 the Americans took over Toronto and burned it to the ground. After that they had a sea battle ant the Americans won that as well. The Americans had smaller and more ships then the Brits had. The British weren’t trying there hardest until they beaten Napoleon at waterloo. Even then they failed to over run America.

Battle after battle the Brits would win and the Americans would win until the battle of Washington came and the Americans lost and the Brits just walk into the city and burned down all the government buildings and ate dinner at the white house before burning that down to.

That was not the last battle.  Battles still went on.  Fort McHenry was the second last battle.  This bombardment lasted for 25 hours nonstop and In the morning the flag still was there and the British just left.  The bombs that the British where using weight 190lb cast iron bombs. I will post a link to the video.  Over 1500 of these bombs where thrown at the fort and it still was standing.

At the end of the battle Francis Scot Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner which is the national anthem for the USA.  But there was still one more battle that was about to happen.  The Battle of New Orleans.  The battle started with the British coming toward New Orleans, over 10,000 Brits to 4732 Americans.  The Americans won a great victory for the Brits ran away.  The total Americans lost, killed, and wounded was 333.  The british was 2,459 lost, killed, and wounded.  This was the last battle of the war of 1812.

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnRQ8-MMX28


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