20,000 lieges under the sea.

A mail ship was headed to America when all of a sudden a loud crushing noise of iron was heard.  A man rushed up from under the deck and said that there is a leak.  They patch up the hole/leak and as soon as they made it to America they put the ship into dry docks to check out the damage.

The hole was huge and the press put it in the news.  The people and the government wanted to kill this monster and a huge sum was put out to whoever killed the beast would get payed.  A professor and his servant with a canadian harpooner.

A few weeks later they four the narwal.  The narwal was so fast and was twitch as fast as the ship and to them it was unbelievable.  The eye’s where made out of electric lights.  The engine is a electric motor and the fins were rudders and alleviators to move side to side and up and down.

When the narwal was asleep the ship got closer and closer till the canadian harpooner took his harpoon and through it at the beast.  There was first a noise of the iron hitting the body of the beast when it suddenly jerked up and hit the ship braking the the rudder and trowing the professor and the canadian and the servant off the ship.  They where stranded on the back of a sub.

They had been chasing a sub the entire time.  The sub started to dive and the three men on the back yelled and banged on the sub to let them in.  They where let in and they where fed and they sleeped and they fined out the captain is Nemo.


One thought on “20,000 lieges under the sea.

  1. its Canadian with a capital “C”, and its found not finded. i know that you hate/dislike reading and Grammar, but just so that you know that you need to reconstruct the last sentence just a little bit.


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