Out on the Pampas

Out on the Pampas started out when a family was in England and the parents wanted a life that would help there kids in the future become husbands and wives.  There father buys land in Mexico ruffle about 100 acres.  The family first started there training in England by letting the boy’s build and do some target practicing with there dad on a friends farm.  The girls learned how to cook meals and how to hunt.  At the end of 5 months they left for there country life in Mexico.

When the men arrived at the house before the girls they went hunting for supper.  when the girls arrived they had to cook the food and prepare the meal.  The boy’s setter up camp.  The next day they started to build up there new home on the Pampas.  Every thing went well for the first month there and they made progress.  There house was finished, there farm land started to have fruits and vegetables and cotton and more.

Indians aka native Americans attacked there cattle and sheep.  The men and boy’s went after them to get the cattle and sheep back.  On there way there they found dead sheep on the ground because they could not keep up with the rest of the group at night fall they made it to the Indians camp.  They opened fire on them killing some Natives,  they mounted there horses and rode away with a few natives after them.  The men jumped off there horses and fired at the enemy killing about 4 natives.  With this sudden attack they hesitated to attack back.  At the end of this attack only 1 native survived.  The men and boy’s went again to attack and after a few times they got there cattle back.

When they got the cattle back they headed home and went on with life.  That day did not make the natives stop coming after them.  In one of the battles a group of natives were almost annihilate.  Out of all that dead there were 3 still alive and breathing.  The family took the three men and bandage them up and fed them and took cair of them utile they let them free.  When the natives saw that they were free and they got a bow with arrows and a horse they rejoiced.

Well that is the books summery and I hope you enjoy it and if you do hit that like button and lets try and get 5 likes.


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