Apple pie America

Oct 13 2015

Apple pie is a great treat to eat. I think it is but I don’t know if it is America’s favourite treat. So yes it probably is and here is why, apples are healthy for you and are tasty, sugar is sweet and is not healthy for you because of your pancreas. Apple pie is one of my favourite pie desserts and that is next to lemon pie. I don’t even know why it is one of America’s favourite dessert.

Yes I think it is still accurate today but still if you were to ask me I would say to you I don’t know. If you know then post the answer in the chat.

If I were to choose Americas favourite desert then it would be Lemon pie with ice cream. If you like pie and cream then you would like lemon pie and ice cream. Another one I would choose would be brownies and ice cream and if you have not tried it then you have to try it this week. Another one would be a freshly baked cookie with ice cream.

If you have not tried any of these then I recommend you to try it. And also post in the comments what is your favourite dessert.

Apple pie is an Icon to America and is a symbol for freedom.  Journalist from WWII often asked why were they going to war?  The reply was mostly for Mom and for Apple pie.  

In the 17 hundreds apples in America where crabapples which are sour and small.  I know this since I had a crabapple tree once.  With our crabapples we made juice out of them.  All they wanted to make was meat filled pies.  They did not like the crabapples.  The way the got apple pie was from Mainland Europe.  They imported seeds from apple trees.

When apples were in America in the 18 hundreds and when recipes came only then did they start to make apple pie.  Apple pie was everything to them since they ate it every day.  Apple pie was what the evening meal for children.  A newspaper article in 1902 read “No pie-eating people can be permanently vanquished”.

In the 19 hundreds pioneers would make apple pie with biscuits.  Jack Holden and Frances Kay sang in their patriotic 1950 song The Fiery Bear.  Ritz Crackers made a recipe that would add sugar and other spices into apple pie.  Today some apple pies have lemon in them, some have no top and others do, some have apple chunks and others don’t.

Apple pie is used there out the hole year, even when fresh apples are not to be found, the just get out the  dried apples and use them.


5 thoughts on “Pie

  1. Cool essay! If I were to add anything I believe “Americas” would be “America’s” because it is possessive. Also, paragraph 3 sentence 2 did you mean to say “If you like pie and ice cream then you would like lemon pie and ice cream.” I think it would work better with “lemon” in it. Other than that very nice essay! 🙂

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