Lesson 20

My Favorite Sport

Sept 29, 2015

Soccer is my favorite sport because it is so much fun. When you play fair, and have equal teams, you also have some fun. I have played soccer at the public schools and was one of the best players on the field. I could kick a ball across the field and could stop a ball from going into the goal. When we played, I was known as the hammer because I could kick a ball so hard that when it hit someone it would hurt for awhile.

On one day I kick the ball which was at someones foot which hurt my foot so I could not play soccer for a month. In that time all I could do was go on the jungle gym, swings, monkey bars, or just sit on the ground with friends. My friends hated soccer because everyone was mean to them and yelled at them for no reason. So they would bring Pokemon cards and trade them for better ones than they had. I started with one card and ended with a few cards when I stopped. I hate Pokemon cards now. It was a waste of time.

When I got better I started playing soccer again. But the team were always pushing you and saying mean things to people, and friends of mine. It was always this one group of friends that would bully you on the field and push you around, so many good friends of mine stopped playing soccer on the field, and went and played soccer in a different place. I went with them and played with them. We would allow people to come and play with us and have fun together and forget about the bullies.

At the end of the year the grade fivers would challange the teachers of the school to a game of soccer. This would be on the very last day of school. There would be four game times where the students would face the teachers and play, there where more grade 5 students than teachers. To play four times, half the of grade five students would play then the other half would play. The teachers won… but they usually win.

Another favorite sport of mine is paint ball/dog fight is my next favourite game on the wii. I am the best at Dog Fight I can win when both players are playing at 30 hit points without losing one point. I can fly skillfully low to the ground which is very dangerous because you can pop your balloon. I have been through a bridge and through some tight turns without popping my balloon.

To concluded my essay I am very good on the wii and dog fight and can probably beat all of you. I even had friends over who thought they could beat me but turns out I beat my friends. I have recovered from the injury from soccer.


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