Friday September 4, 2015

Out of all the things I did this summer, this is the most interesting thing I learned. The Tomahawk missile is a flying bomb that can travel 1600km (1000miles) at a speed of about 890km/h (553miles/h). The Tomahawk has two engines, the first engine sling shots the missile for 13 seconds, after the first engine the second engine starts up shooting the tomahawk at speeds of 890km/h (553miles/h).

The Tomahawk flies low to the ground somethings very dangers to pilots, even the most experience ones. Tomahawks are more agile then humans are in the air. A tomahawk uses the GPS system and something called land finger prints. How this works is the Tomahawk scans the ground to tell which biome it is over and gets the GPS station to tell it which way to go and where it is. The Tomahawk can move back on course and can go on until it hits its target. The scanning and GPS systems can tell the Tomahawk how hight it is from the ground and also what is up ahead.

The way the Tomahawk can be fired from a submarine is that they load the missile into the torpedo luncher, and they shoot the missile like a torpedo and they start the rocket engine from outside the sub. The reason why, is that when the engines starts in the sub, the sub would tear apart from the force of the engines, so that is why they start the engines outside the sub.

Another thing I did this summer was building a taser that hurts when you taser your self. The taser predecease 100v, how I know this is for every inch of spark is 1000v of electricity. The BB pellet cap gun can shoot a pellet at a top speed of 50ft/s. This project was the easiest project I did.

Last summer/year I got to fly a plane (none RC) at the Ponoka airport for 10min. That is something you never forget. I love flying RC planes at the park across the street and seeing how long I can keep it up for and my record is about 1min.

More stuff I did was camping in Yellowknife.


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